This form is intended for any ministry leader, member, or participant to request approval from the elders for a need in regard to the ministry and worship that happens within and through Clarence Church of Christ.

Specifically, requests that pertain to:

  • Approval to have a specific activity recognized as an “official” Clarence Church of Christ activity.

  • Approval to have specific date/time of the year blocked out for a specific ministry activity.

  • Approval to have promotional flyers or sign-up sheets posted/displayed throughout the CCC building.

  • Approval to have content posted to CCC digital platforms (social media accounts or the website).

  • Approval to have an announcement made from the platform on a Sunday morning (information needs approved and submitted to Mike Bowers or Jordan Byrd a week in advance).

  • Approval to add or alter a part of the CCC building.

  • Approval to permanently move/relocate any furnishings within the CCC building.

A request should not be formally acted upon until the elders’ response is given.

Date submitted: *
Date submitted:
Name: *
As clearly and specifically as you can, state how this need helps advance the Kingdom of God (make disciples of Jesus that make more disciples of Jesus). This could include the following: example(s) from Jesus’ life or teachings, other biblical example(s)/precedent(s), or verse reference(s).

Attempt will be made to process needs as soon as possible. Generally allow 1-2 days for a response. The earlier your needs are submitted, the more likely your request can be answered in a timely and functional manner.