Preparing 6-12th grade students to become disciples of Jesus while they merge into adulthood.

Merge prepares students to become disciples of Jesus...
...through the example and presence of loving, caring, and supportive adult disciples of Jesus.
...through opportunities to learn about and encounter Jesus.
...through opportunities to be around and relate with other students who are being influenced by Jesus.

Sunday Night Merge

6:30-8:30pm most Sunday nights

Fun and faith formational activities

For 6-12th grade students

2018-19 Consent Form

Mountainview Christian Camp Overnight Preview

Remaining 2018-19 Dates:


❗️  = Uniquely Impactful Opportunity | 🚫  = No Sunday Night Merge | 💵 = Some Extra Cost Involved


5 Sunday Night Merge

12 No Sunday Night Merge (Mother’s Day) 🚫

19 Sunday Night Merge

26 No Sunday Night Merge (Memorial Day Weekend) 🚫


2 Sunday Night Merge

8 (Sat.) End of School Year Party

9 (Sun. Morning) Graduate Recognition

28-29 Mountainview Christian Camp Overnight Preview (6-12th grades) ❗️💵


July 14-19 Mountainview Christian Camp: Mt. Do Service Camp (6-12th grades) ❗️💵

July 21-27 CIY: Move - Salisbury, MD (9-12th Grades*) ❗️💵

July 28-Aug. 3 Mountainview Christian Camp: Jr. High Camp (6-8th grades) ❗️💵

Aug. 4-10 Mountainview Christian Camp: Sr. High Camp (9-12th grades) ❗️💵

* 2018-19 Graduating Seniors & 2019-20 Incoming 9-12th Grade Students