Do I have to give on-line?

We will still collect an offering each Sunday. You are welcome to give in person, on Sunday, with Cash or checks.


Can I designate my donations with on-line giving?

You may give to any or all of following three funds. No other type of donations or payments are accepted at our on-line portal at

  • General Budget - Used to pay general expenses and operation of the church
  • Missions - Used to support the missionaries chosen by the Clarence Church of Christ missions team
  • Mortgage Pay Down Project - Used to make extra principle payments on the church mortgage


Are my on-line donations tax deductible?

Yes, when given to any of the three funds listed above.


Will CCC accept on-line payments for items such as youth events?

Yes, but these will be accepted via a different web portal and will generally not be tax deductible. 


Are on-line donations refundable?

On-line donations are not refundable. If you believe your account has been charged incorrectly, please contact our office.