Commencement Speech

When my daughter graduated from college the commencement speaker was Vin Scully, the legendary radio broadcaster of the LA Dodgers. It has been about eight years ago but I remember his theme was "difficult but not impossible."  He challenged the graduates to go for it.

Moses gave a commencement speech too. He gave a general address to the nation to BE FAITHFUL. Then he gave a personal challenge to his replacement Joshua. The message was simple: BE COURAGEOUS!

Three times in Deuteronomy 31 he said, "Be strong and courageous." 

Heads up. If God says, "Fear not." That means there is something to be afraid of. If he says, "Be strong and courageous" it means there's something that will challenge you to back off.

All Joshua had to do was move a couple a of million people across a flooded river......defeat 31  angry armies.....resettle his people in the new land......and keep every one in good relationship with the Lord. Difficult but not impossible.

Three times in Joshua 1 the Lord said to him, "Be strong and courageous." 

The late Stephen Ambrose wrote a book about the 1803 expedition of Lewis and Clark as they explored the Louisiana Purchase. His title? Dauntless courage. 

Courage will almost always put you in the minority and right in the center of God’s plan.

Courage is based on God’s resume. Look at his batting average!

Courage goes beyond talk to action.

Courage gives God a chance to show his might.

Every decision  we make takes courage. There are many reasons to back off......stay comfortable....let someone else do it.

I encourage you to be strong and courageous.......make the call......fill out the application.....enroll in the class......go for the job.......have the conversation........ask the question.......make the move.....sell the property......adjust the budget.........make things right.

Lots of us want to stay on this comfortable side of the river. God encourages us to cross to the other side. The Promised Land won't come without a battle. BUT he is right there with us in the fight.

I am praying you'll be strong and courageous with whatever is facing you today.