Bold as a lion

How are you doing with this political correctness stuff? Future dictionaries might possibly remove half my vocabulary from its pages. In order not to offend our words must be measured, neutral and without offense. There are vocabulary police inspecting every phrase. Of course one can speak the Lord's name in anger or as "an expression" and that seems to be acceptable, but for pity sake, don't make negative remarks about one's  conduct. That's a quick way to get a label.

It is so refreshing to read the Bible. I admit, I am far ahead of the scheduled reading. I especially like the prophets who just spoke clear truth. They didn't care who was listening or who was offended. They were under obligation to speak for God and they let it fly. Kings, priests and elders all came under the withering fire of the truth. It came in the form of sarcasm, hyperbole and object lesson. 

In our culture who is that calls out injustice?

Who has the courage to point out corruption?

In our time who stands up for the poor?

Who holds the media accountable for careless reporting?

Who writes letters to Senators challenging recent votes?

Who challenges movie producers in Hollywood?

Who would dare tell a king his days are numbered? 

An obscure man named Ahijah appeared on the scene in the closing days of mighty king Solomon. It could not have been easy for him because he carried a terrible message. The unity of the nation was about to be split. Solomon's heirs would retain only a small portion. Ahijah pointed out the flawed conduct of Solomon and encouraged the insurrection of his opponent Jeroboam. 

How would that news go over in the USA? What if Bill O'rielly or Wolf Blitzer made such a statement? 

My friend Joe writes a daily commentary on the news. His insights are sharp and sometimes uncomfortable. I enjoy reading because Joe is honest and blunt. He puts himself out there and challenges normal.  It is a refreshing read. Sometimes he takes heat but he just shows up the next day on Facebook with another take on the news. (Friend Joe Genco on Facebook and see for yourself.)

I love the guys who lead our church. They took a line from the Bible and follow it consistently. They "speak the truth in love."  Truth without love is harsh. Love without truth is weak. Truth and love combined present a strong message in a kind way.

Here's to the spirit of the prophets. You'll read more about them soon.  Ahijah, Nathan and Samuel are three guys we've already covered who spoke the truth in love.

It would be good if we could be like them. It takes the boldness of a lion......the hide of a rhinoceros and the heart of a Labrador retriever. Our culture could sure use a strong dose of truth and love.  

The wicked man flees though no one pursues but the righteous are as bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1

Be strong and courageous! MB