March madness is the favorite time of year for college basketball fans.....including me. Small colleges and unknown players sometimes pull off amazing victories over traditional powerhouses. It's madness! Everyone loves the underdog it seems. The University of Buffalo men's team came up short in its bid to upset Miami on Thursday. What a story that would've been. 

God loves the underdog too. Gideon was from the smallest clan in his tribe. He was trying to grind out some flour in a secret place to keep it from the marauding soldiers that had invaded his country. When told he was the chosen one to lead the revolt against Midian he was shocked. 

Me? You've got the wrong guy! Have you been there? 

Then the negotiations started. One sign after another finally convinced Gideon to lead the revolution.......that is he and 32,000 of his best friends.

Then God said, "You have too many men."  Madness!!!

Then God said, "Send home anyone who is afraid."  Madness!!!

Then 22,000 guys went home. Madness!! 

Then 9,700 were sent home based on how they drank water from the stream. Madness!!

300 men were left to fight.......their weapons were trumpets, torches and empty jars. Madness!!!

The instructions? Blow the trumpets, break the jars, wave the torches and shout. Madness!!!!

The confusion and battle resulted in one of the biggest upsets of all time. 120,000 enemy casualties!!!

God loves the underdog because they realize they've got no business attempting such things. They take a deep breath and boldly say, OK God, unless you are in this it will be a complete failure. 

It is complete madness.......just the way God likes it. 

These stories in the Bible are written for our encouragement. Folks who have a careful plan and ample supplies seldom need God. But those who are in  over their head are in the perfect place to watch God go to work. 

Enjoy the madness!