Set Apart

I was ordained into the ministry in 1979. Seven years after high school. Three years after college. Four years after marriage. Two years after becoming a dad. I remember the day well. The elders charged me with the duties of the job. The Minister spoke clearly from God's word. The leaders put their hands on my shoulders and prayed God's blessing on me. It was an unforgettable day.

The entire proceedings, including the cake at the reception took about 90 minutes.

I freely admit that I did not feel worthy to be in the ministry. I still don't. I didn't choose the ministry....God chose me. That seems to be consistent with the people God worked with in the Bible. Most were surprised by the call. They knew they were unworthy. Like one man said of Moses.......Here I am....send Aaron.

Aaron was the last guy you'd think would be chosen to be ordained into ministry. (Beside me and a million other people.) You'll remember he compromised his convictions. After seeing the mighty hand of God  judge the gods of Egypt.......after walking through the Red Sea on dry ground....after all that....

He made a calf of gold and told the entire nation, "These are your gods O Israel who brought you up out of Egypt"

He knew better. 

When it came time to select a man to stand between the people and God, of all things, Aaron was chosen.

His ordination lasted seven days plus. 

He carried enormous responsibility. Everything changed. His dress code, his diet and his schedule. This was no longer a became his life.

Every person serving God has baggage. Aaron had the calf story. I've got my own. 

Every person serving God knows he is in over his head. The job is bigger than me.

Every person serving God soon realizes that if God has called you to a job he will supply the tools to do the job. I am humbly grateful for a church that tolerates my weakness and encourages my gifts.

Like Aaron.....I will keep trying.