What's in a name?

I assume there are a good number of toddlers in Cleveland named Lebron. I also assume that there's a fair number of boys in Chicago named Barak. There once was a cow in Oklahoma named Mike after yours truly. (Long story.) How did you come by your name? 

Names in the Bible carry great significance. They relate to a current event or connect with an influential relative. I don't any little girls named Jezebel, nor are there many boys named Judas. There are lots of guys named Mohammed but not near as many named Jesus. Wonder why that is?

The fearless, rugged man of God named Isaiah had two sons. You are on your own for pronunciation.

Shear-Jashub means a remnant will return. That's very encouraging news for a dad who understood his nation was walking away from God. They deserved punishment. Already the deportation of famous men in northern Israel had begun. (I Chronicles 5:23-26) God was patiently waiting for them to change their ways and return to him  but it wasn't going to happen. 

Just a teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down! Saying the name Shear-Jashub must have been a teaspoon of sugar for the ignored prophet. These people are boneheads. They make unjust laws and oppressive decrees......they deprive the rights of the poor. And they will pay dearly. BUT a remnant will return. God will find a way to restore some of his people to carry out his purpose.

The second son was named Maher-Shalal-Has-Baz.  This name would bring distress to Isaiah and his bride.  It means quick to the plunder. The name was a prediction of what was going to happen to both the northern nation of Israel and neighboring Syria. They'd be invaded and deported. The enemy would take every last possession. Isaiah didn't choose that name. It was God's idea.

There's a third name mentioned that is the best. Immanuel. We don't say it much except for Christmas. Of course it means, God with us. What a thought. The Creator, the Almighty, The Judge, the Ruler, the one who has no equal.........with us? Lots of people think God is distance and uncaring. The best picture of God is Jesus. It must of brought Isaiah great joy to know that someday God would come down here and make everything right. And he did it in a way that was totally surprising. 

God is with us. God is for us.

Knowing that can make you deal with lots of negatives. Isaiah has hard days ahead of him as we will read. But he boldly steps forward knowing God's got this.

May you also realize he has got you too!

Be strong and courageous, MB