Summer weddings

Wedding season is upon us. I often perform weddings with a quivering voice. One of the huge responsibilities placed on my heart by the mighty One is to pray for students in my life. Shay has been a target of my prayers for two decades. For Joy it has been even longer. For Allison it has been about 10 years. Among other things, I have ask the Maker of Heaven and earth to provide for them a godly spouse in His time and way. The parents of these girls have done the same. Shay found her man locally. Joy made her discovery in a distant land. Allison followed her gift of music and met her guy in a travelling group. No one could have predicted this.  For many it is no big deal. People get married all the time. But you would need to know the inside story of each girl to know how much the Lord has overcome to make these weddings happen. Shay had good reason to never trust a man. Joy lived in a culture far from home. Allison only wanted to sing.  Yet God kept his promise that if we'd ask he would provide.

I have learned to ask.

A professor in Bible College taught me a profound lesson. He said, "If you want  answers to your prayers like in Bible days, then learn to pray like people in the Bible." Those words rang true as I read the far reaching prayer of Solomon this week as he dedicated the temple in 1 Kings 8. 

There is nothing outside the reach of prayer!

Solomon's prayer reached way off into the future. He prayed for:

justice between disputing neighbors; humility and repentance when defeated by enemies; individuals who would deal with the disappointments of life; foreigners who would come to town asking for help; the nation during times of war; forgiveness when the nation was carried off in exile; God to listen whenever his people cried out.;  hearts to be turned to him; God to uphold the cause of His people according to each day's needs; all peoples of the earth to know that the Lord is God and there is no other; hearts committed to the Lord.

I can't explain email but I know it works. I can't explain prayer but I know it works. I only regret that I didn't have the vision and faith to ask for more. Please note......Solomon didn't ask much for himself or his family. He was asking on behalf of others. In prayer we're always thinking about the preciousness of others.  

When those girls walk down the aisle this summer heaven will be watching.....and cheering.  It wasn't chance or fate that brought these couple together. It was the hand of the Mighty One, guiding, protecting, guarding and providing until the perfect moment. God can do all this without our help but for some reason he allows his 18 wheeler to be steered by the prayers of men.

I encourage you to read carefully the prayers of the Bible. Learn to pray like those guys and girls. Ask and keep asking until He answers. And when he does it will be obvious, the unseen hand of God was at work.

Shay, Joy, Allison.......It has been a roller coaster for each of you. Thanks for waiting for God to provide. It has been an honor.

Prayerfully, MB