He cares!

The Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care has over 20,000 pages of regulations. I have not read a single word. By sound of it, most of the representatives who supported the ACA didn't read it either.

I have read the Law of Moses. It contains about 76 pages in the Bible we're using. King David wrote several songs about this law. He said, "It was sweeter than honey and more precious than gold."  On first read it seems David was hit in the head by his own sling shot. But a slower, closer look at the law reveals the compassionate, gracious God of heaven hidden in the pages. 

God cares! 

God cares if you lost a jacket. He cares if your sheep or cow wanders off to a neighbor's field. "Don't ignore it. Take it home and keep it until the owner comes looking for it." 

God cares about birds! "If you find a bird's nest you may take the young but let the mother bird go that it may go well with you."

In case you thought the book was out of date God cares about refugees. "The alien living among you must be treated as one of your native born."

God cares about the elderly.  "Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God."

God cares about soldiers facing overwhelming odds. "The officers shall say to the army, "Has anyone built a new house? Has anyone planted a new vineyard? Is anyone engaged to be married? Is any one afraid or fainthearted?"  Anyone who fell into these categories was excused from war and told to go home! (I wonder how those instructions would have been accepted at Custer's last stand!)

One thing I've learned from my reading of the life of Christ is this: With Jesus everybody counts.

The God who cares is also seen on each page of the law of Moses.  Outsiders, needy, poor, elderly, the fatherless and even the birds are mentioned. Landowners, farmers, merchants, kings and businessmen are not ignored in the law. They all count. They all deserve respect.

God cares.....I better care too.

See ya Sunday!