Frozen Chickens and Bad Decisions

Back in the day British Railways was looking for a way to test the windshields on their trains. The heard about an unusual test cannon that was used at British Airways. The cannon fired birds at great force into the windshields of the jets to insure the materials and designs were up to par. Arrangements were made for the railway to borrow the device. Just before the test run the railroad sent someone out to buy a dead chicken for ammunition. The cannon was load, aimed and fired at the windshield. The bird smashed through the windshield, broke the engineer's chair  and made a large dent in the rear wall of the cockpit. Officials were furious! They called the experts from the airways to examine the entire process. After their study they reported, "Next time you buy a chicken, make sure it isn't frozen." 

Live life long enough and you acquire a healthy list of bad decisions.  

How old was Solomon when he became king of Israel? Some believe he was 17-18. Because God gave him wisdom Solomon was able to write over 3,000 insights into life. About one third of those statements are found in the book of Proverbs. I admit that the book is hard to digest because the statements come at a rapid pace. I'm grateful for LaGard Smith who put the insights into categories in the Daily Chronological Bible.

The book of Proverbs was written as if a dad were talking to his kids. Though Solomon was young, God's wisdom made him sound like an older man with tons of life experience. "Discretion will protect you and understanding will guard you." Wisdom will save you from bad choices and the consequences that follow. I observe that if I deliberately choose to go against my natural reactions I'd save myself  much grief.

Naturally I'd like to spend all my money but Proverbs says to gather it little by little and make it grow.

Naturally I'd like to share the secrets of my friends but Proverbs says a gossip separates close companions.

Naturally I'd like to  cover my blunders but Proverbs says whoever confesses and renounces finds mercy. 

Naturally I'd like to think my opinions are solid but Proverbs says in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

My travels to some of the hard places in the world have opened my eyes to the horrible problem of land mines. In Cambodia it is estimated that they are over eight million land mines still buried in the ground from a war about 30 years ago. Men are actually employed full time to search and remove those mines. What a job! When located, signs and barriers are set up saying, "Avoid this location. Don't come this way."

Proverbs is an experienced dad guiding his son through the minefields of life. There is a way that seems right BUT in the end it leads to death. (There's another big but! Proverbs has lots of them)

You can run your own test and buy a frozen chicken or you can ask a few simple questions and avoid lots of trouble.

Choose wisely! MB