Like a good neighbor.....

Welcome to 2017! This year our church is attempting to improve at the two things Jesus said matter the love the Lord with all our being and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. It's a simple concept but will require an adjustment in how we do life. To get you started please take the neighbor quiz below. This comes from my friend's church in Colorado. See how you rate. We're on a journey together to grow in neighboring skills. Catch you next time, MB

Neighbor Quiz

I like my neighbors.                                                                           Yes       No         Somewhat

My neighbors like me.                                                                       Yes       No       Somewhat

I talk to my neighbors.                                                                       Yes       No        Somewhat

I do nice things for my neighbors.                                                    Yes       No       Somewhat

I genuinely care about my neighbors.                                              Yes       No       Somewhat

My neighbors invite me to their parties.                                          Yes       No       Somewhat

I actually like going to my neighbor’s parties.                                 Yes      No       Somewhat

I know what’s happening in my neighborhood.                              Yes       No    Somewhat

I watch out for my neighborhood.                                                     Yes      No      Somewhat

When people need help in my neighborhood they come to me.  Yes      No       Somewhat


Tally score: 2 points for every yes. 1 point for somewhat. 0 for no.

17-20 points: Mr. Rodgers. You are the best neighbor ever. You know your neighbors and are engaged in your neighborhood.

13-16: Steve Urkle. You are a little quirky and sometimes annoying but deep down you are good hearted and do the right thing.

9-12 points: Wilson. You are always there and willing to share friendly advice but you stay on your side of the fence.

5-8 points: Ned Flanders. You’re trying hard but people just don’t get you.

0-4 points: Newman. Not sure who would like living next to you. You are in desperate need of neighboring skills.