No Cover Up

By now you’ve found that the Bible is bloody book. And it is going to get bloodier. You will read strange stories. Stories that incriminate the leading characters. Stories that show the worst of mankind. You’ll ask, “How did that story get in the Bible?”

We are familiar with the term "cover up." Those with power hide their crimes. The truth is, none of us want our secrets known. But right here in the Bible, for all to read, throughout history, is one recorded blunder after another.

Lot's daughters get their dad drunk and sleep with him????? Really???

Abraham said his wife was his sister, to save his own neck,  not once but twice???

Sarah, in her eighties, still attractive enough to turn heads???? (Forget about Mary Kay and Victoria's Secret, what was Sarah's secret?)

Sarah gives her servant to her husband to sleep with??

The men of Sodom surround a house demanding to have sex with the men inside???

A dad for the first time at age 100??? (When he said he couldn't hear the baby crying, he was telling the truth!)

Abraham living in a tents with two woman, one teenager and a crying baby???

 The Bible puts the blunt truth right out there for all to see. Why is this stuff in the Bible? Why doesn't God find better people to work with? Well, that's the only kind of people there are.

Messy. Selfish. Dramatic. Irresponsible. 

Did you notice one of the first, "biggest buts in the Bible."  "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord."

The Lord is right there In the middle of the mess. And the Lord offers grace.  

The Bible hides nothing. Sometimes it is downright ugly and disgusting. Yet it is the truth. Mankind is sick. The only cure is grace.......offered by the Creator himself. It is a theme repeated throughout the pages of the Bible.