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CCC participates in the national movement called Family Promise that helps homeless families achieve independence by offering shelter, food, and compassionate care- all provided by community volunteers. CCC opens the doors of our church to homeless families through Family Promise 4-5 weeks per year. Family Promise helps families stay together—not be separated—during the most difficult time in their lives.

Learn more here: www.familypromisewny.org

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In 2016, we are hosting 5 weeks of family promise: March 11-18, May 20-27, July 15-22, September 9-16 and November 11-18. Families arrive on Fridays at 5pm, stay in the building all weekend, then leave at 7am weekdays and return at 5pm for the overnight. We provide meals and host a safe place to sleep.

How you can help: CCC relies on our compassionate church body to provide meals and spend time with the families who call our building “home” during their week long stay. We need volunteers willing to spend evenings or overnights. We must have two volunteers in the building at all times while the families are in the building.

The following volunteer positions are available:

  • Set up and take down of the family rooms/space.

  • Meal preparation (dinners and breakfasts).

  • Serving of meals.

  • Afternoon and evening host shifts

  • Overnight host shifts

The following donations are needed:

  • Towels

  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, male and female deodorant, razors, etc.)

  • Air mattresses

  • Food donations

Get Involed:

Contact the HIS Coordinator Candi Giles, 716-912-1472  or his@clarencecc.org