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The Name of Endeavor

Endeavor is an adult community gathering at Clarence Church of Christ led by the Relationships Minister, Jordan Byrd; and comprised of individuals in various stages of life: married, working-class individuals, college students, and emerging professionals. The name Endeavor comes out of the teaching in Scripture about work, or more fully stated — vocation. The specific way in which we live our lives is our vocation. At Endeavor, we aim to be shaped by God to live in the way — the vocation  in which Jesus modeled and taught.


Purpose and Vision

The purpose of an Endeavor gathering is to provide a space where individuals can encounter God with others. The way we can most fully encounter God is by following after Jesus. The leadership of Clarence Church of Christ believes that followers of Jesus (disciples) mature best when they follow Jesus' example and teachings in these three areas of life: relating, learning, and serving.


Where / When?

Endeavor meets weekly for eight weeks at a time (see calendar below for all dates).

Endeavor gathers at the Byrd home, 29 Campus Dr. E., Apt. 1,  Snyder.

Endeavor meets on Monday evenings at 7pm and wraps-up around 9pm.