BONTON stores host Community Days every November to promote local charities. This year's event is November 8 - 11. CCC will be using the funds we collect to support our IDES Food-Pack on Super Bowl Sunday 2018. BONTON provides us with Coupon Books to sell for $5 each. CCC keeps 100% of the $5 you pay for these books. BONTON also donates CCC a portion of the profits they receive in their Lockport, NY store. There are several ways you can CCC raise money to feed hungry people though BONTON Community Days:

  1. Buy a coupon book. You can buy a coupon book at CCC any Sunday form now until Nov 11. Just look for Joy. She has the coupon books. You can buy a book on-line here. You can also buy a coupon book in BONTON's Lockport store on CCC's designated shopping days. 
  2. Shop at BONTON's Lockport store on CCC's designated days from now until November 11. CCC receives all proceeds from coupon book sales on those days, as well as a portion of the store's profits from anything you buy.
  3. Volunteer to help Joy sell books and to promote our IDES Food-Pack in the Lockport BONTON store on our designated shopping days. Contact Joy to volunteer, You can email Joy at:
  4. We will announce the designated shopping days for CCC at the Lockport BONTON store very soon. Please return to this site to find those days.